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May I introduce myself: my name is Victoria Talbot-Rosner I am head chef & proprietor of Victoria's Catering, I first  starting out in Vancouver,Canada in the early 1980's. I then returned home to Barham in  the Canterbury area, working for Coral Catering  at The Dolls House along the Elham Valley, then at the Royal Norfolk Hotel in Sandgate,Then I was one of the chefs the Duke of Cumberland in Barham for several years before I started out on my own. I have a great team of local people who work for me when they are needed.

All my produce is locally sourced usually from the nearby farm shops and local butcher.

I am a distance runner raising £2500 for Sense at the London Marathon in 2006 and has also raised funds for Health For All over a number of years.
Victoria's Catering also helped sponsor the Tim Sutton Fowlmead 5 running in event at Folwmead Country Park near Deal.

I still do a lot of running and do believe in good ingredients when I cook , as it keeps you healthy and gives you the energy to do all the activity's you want to do.

There has been a great deal in the news about added sugars at the moment, it is quite horrifying how much is added to pre made foods, even foods you would not think would have sugar. As I cook from scratch I don't add sugar unless necessary.

My daughter is unable to eat gluten so gluten free menus are readily available, as are any food intolerances,  just let me know!


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